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Needs to be fixed...

Like the app. Syncing between devices is very helpful.... when it works. It is NOT working! The app has become totally unusable for me. Sad.

Kindle all around

Im disabled so my Kindle has always been indispensable. Not needing to lug around a book helps. Now with in app, my library is spread across all my devices. If I go somewhere not wanting to carry and possibly lose my Kindle proper, I always have my iPhone in my pocket.

Used to love app but new update is a bust

Love to read and have access to all my books in one place. The most recent update doesnt sync my books and actually wiped all my books from my device. I have to manually log online to request to resend titles. I hope this issue is fixed soon.

3 years later, horrible joke is worse UNLESS

IF YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT TEXT TO SPEECH> the app is absolute perfection. HOWEVER, unless own a Kindle by AMAZON w text to speech capacity. It is the omission of these BASIC ELEMENTS OF KINDLE ESPECIALLY FOR STROKE, ANEURYSM SURVIVORS, THOSE JUST TRY ING TO LEARN ENGLISH ESPECIALLY MEN (men learn 30% better by listening also, women 20%)!!! I am recovering from a mystery aneurysm suffered during the Obama [administration]. It takes a long time to recover. Sharon Stone, the American actor, had a similar hemorrhage and it took her two years to speak. When text to speech is available, we learn TWICE AS MUCH by both listening and reading. Oh, you can do that now? Sure, if you pay separately for AUDIBLE professional version. Amazon at least did not do what Apple wanted to do in re TTS, which was a Jobs plan so vile, greedy and to my *shock*, as the censorship of the internet now, no one paid attention when president Obama gave controls to everyone and no one aka, the UN, where my most lived family members work, (I am very much a UN believer). If the late Mr Jobs had his way, NO ELECTRONIC BOOK WOULD BE LEGALLY PERMITTED TO BE SOLD for under the Apple price, audio or kindle. By contrast, Mr Bezos is a righteous man insofar as this issue. The Amazon marketing exploits the uneducated and unread, a cruel joke looking at this app. If Amazon would be up front w what has TTS and expose that the iPads only "flaw" (intentional omission imho) is the dishonesty in *marketing through lies of omission* the Kindle could take its rightful place. Though if you have read this much ya knew that. Peace and respect to the customer would be a graceful gesture by Apple: bring back TTS. Are you colluding? That is not legal. Thus your denial isnt necessary. An apology and a TTS feature would NOT wipe Kindle/Amazon/authors out. Those wiped out are the *musicians* by Spotify and Pandora. Books have never been better. Music composition is stuck in a loud ugly rut. I use apples streaming and amazon streaming, I do not use the "free" music because "free" has given us what free usually buys: zero. /ias/

Please get rid of Notification Advertisements within app

Well-functioning app, but the red-bell Notification Advertisements need to go.

Love Kindle, BUT Current Update Crashes

Normally Id give the Kindle App five stars. But the recent update is crashing constantly. Around two out of three times. Or you read for a time, then it suddenly crashes. Hope this is fixed soon. Thanks.

Audio book issues

I love this app and listen almost daily, but over the last several months, about every third or fourth book the audio portion will not give you the option to download. I have found that if I delete the book, delete the app and re download everything, it will usually pop up and let me download the audio portion of the book. It is frustrating and if Im not in a wifi spot, I use more data. I cannot find anywhere to contact kindle/Amazon for assistance with this issue.

Dictionary wont download

I used this app regularly until the dictionary function stopped working. Every time I select a word to define, the dictionary window pops up with a blue download icon attached. I click the icon, but the download remains at 0%. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG.

Awesome app

Never, ever have I had an issue with this app. It has numerous extras as well. I use this app more than any others. Thanks for an excellent free app.

The perfect reading app

Ive been using the Kindle app since it first came out. I do have a Kindle, but use the app on my iPad and iPad Mini. The app does so many useful things, Im amazed at the info I can get about the book and characters through the app. A perfect way to read a book if youre not one who only enjoys holding an actual book.

Great App

What a great app! I can read stuff everywhere I go! I can even find out all about whats going on where Im at if Im looking for that kind of info!! I love to read though and I still dont understand how they put book after book on any device I own so I can take my books along with me!! I love this app because I can read all the contact I have on all of my devices!! Its perfect!!

Perfect companion

I love being able to read at any opportunity. So convenient and easy to use. I love the app

Randomizes your place

At random times and with random books, after an app update, you will lose your place in several books in a collection. Some books youve read will be reset to 0% complete, others will not remember where you last were. If you are like me and have several hundred books, this becomes very annoying.

Great app for reading.

Love this app to read my books.

Can not download in IPad

Can not download in IPad

Love my Kindle

Use it on all my devices! Huge library!

Major Problems; Crashing Constantly

Ive used and loved the Kindle App for years, and used it on multiple devices. The last few days, however, its hardly usable. Ive deleted and reinstalled, rebooted my device, and its worse! Im using the same iPad Air Ive used for several months. I have no clue what to do, but this is VERY bad.

Would give four stars if password recovery wasnt horrible

... My email has changed and I cant use my account. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Be m legal


No English option

I could not change the language.

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